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Climate: EPA seeks to cut landfill methane emissions

Cutting methane emissions is a key piece of the Obama administration’s climate strategy.

Cost of new regs estimated at $55 billion

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FRISCO — Oil and gas drilling aren’t the only sources of methane. Landfills generate a significant amount of the heat-trapping gas as waste materials decompose in the ground. Now, the EPA wants to reduce those emissions amount by a third with a rule that would require landfills to collect and control methane.

According to the agency, municipal landfills are the third-largest source of methane, accounting for 18 percent of methane emissions in 2013 – the equivalent of approximately 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution. Continue reading “Climate: EPA seeks to cut landfill methane emissions”


Signs of global warming added up in 2014

More greenhouse gas woes …

Antarctica is shedding ice at an ever-increasing rate.

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FRISCO — Rolling into the second month of the year, a number of climate-related studies showed remarkable large-scale impacts of global warming, including research by American and Russian scientists showing how marine mammals from the south are more frequently using the Bering Strait to reach higher latitudes.

The researchers said monitored the area for three years with underwater microphones, detecting large numbers of sub-Arctic humpback, fin and killer whales traveling north through the Bering Strait to feed in the biologically rich Chukchi Sea. Read the story here. Continue reading “Signs of global warming added up in 2014”

Report outlines simple steps to reduce methane emissions

A natural gas drilling rig in Texas. IMAGE COURTESY THE CREATIVE COMMONS.
A natural gas drilling rig in Texas. IMAGE COURTESY THE CREATIVE COMMONS.

Climate activists pushing EPA to adopt strict methane standards

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FRISCO — Existing, low-cost technology, along with better maintenance and best management practices could easily cut U.S. methane emissions from fossil fuel operations in half, climate activists said this week, advocating for the adoption of methane standards.

The path toward those reductions is outlined by climate advocates in a new report that also shows that such standards would help improve air quality in other ways. Continue reading “Report outlines simple steps to reduce methane emissions”

Climate: Putting lipstick on the methane pig?

Methane emissions: up, up … up.

EPA report shows the greenhouse gas dragon is far from tamed

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FRISCO — The EPA may be putting lipstick on the methane pig by claiming that methane emissions dropped during the past year, according to watchdog groups who say the numbers put forth by the federal agency are misleading.

Overall, the EPA reported Sept. 30 that greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial facilities climbed by 20 million metric tons in 2013, up 0.6 percent from the previous year. Continue reading “Climate: Putting lipstick on the methane pig?”

Climate: BLM eyes plan to cut methane emissions

The Earth’s atmosphere can’t take a lot more methane.

Possible new rule would target methane from existing mining operations

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FRISCO — While federal efforts to cut carbon dioxide emissions are still up in the air due to political and legal uncertainty, the Bureau of Land Management is taking public on a possible new rule to tackle heat-trapping methane from coal mining operations. In a prepared statement announcing the outreach effort, BLM officials said that reducing methane emissions is a powerful way to take action on climate change.

“We welcome public input on ways in which we can both increase mine safety and improve the health of our environment,” said BLM Director Neil Kornze. “We will work with federal, state and local officials as well as with industry and nongovernmental organizations to explore ways to responsibly reduce methane emissions,”

Continue reading “Climate: BLM eyes plan to cut methane emissions”

Colorado: State to study drilling emissions

Methane leakage from the gas production fields of northeastern Colorado may be twice as high as previously estimated, according to new research from NOAA.
Methane leakage from the gas production fields of northeastern Colorado may be twice as high as previously estimated, according to new research from NOAA.

Energy boom contributes to regional haze problems and potential health impacts

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Colorado officials took another small step to address growing public concerns about the impacts of the state’s energy boom by announcing a $1.3 million study of emissions from oil and gas drilling operations.

According to a press release from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, the study will help provide information about how oil and gas emissions behave, how they travel and their characteristics in areas along the northern Front Range.

A second phase would assess possible health effects using data collected in the first phase. Testimony at this week’s Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rulemaking hearing reinforced the views of experts for both industry and the conservation community that more and better science is needed related to oil and gas emissions. Continue reading “Colorado: State to study drilling emissions”