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Global warming: There is no ‘missing heat’

Arctic warming about eight times faster than the rest of the planet

A NASA map shows that much of the globe experienced above average temperatures in October.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — If you’ve been feeling slightly relieved because you’ve heard that global warming has slowed, or even stopped, in the past 15 years, you might want to hold your horses.

In fact, there is very little evidence that the rate of warming has changed significantly, a team of scientists said after looking around the fringes of areas with reliable temperature measurements to find the “missing” heat.

“There’s a perception that global warming has stopped but, in fact, our data suggests otherwise,” said Dr. Kevin Cowtan, a computational scientist at the University of York. Continue reading “Global warming: There is no ‘missing heat’”


Where will 2012 end up in the annals of global warming?

UK temps a hair below average, Australia warmer than normal

For 2012 to-date, nearly the entire planet saw above average temperatures.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — While the U.S. is likely be report one of the warmest years ever recorded in 2012, not every country saw record-warmth this year.

The National Climatic Data Center will release the December 2012 and year-end temperature data this week, but several other countries have already released readings, including the UK, which saw a mean annual temperature 0.1 degrees Celsius below the 1981 to 2010 average.

Only 2 years (2010 and 2012) of the last 16 have had annual temperatures below the average. March was the 3rd warmest on record for the UK. The summer was a little warmer than 2011, but otherwise the coolest  since 1998, and it was the coolest autumn since 1993.

The UK Met Office described 2012 as a year of dramatic contrasts, warm and mild the first three months, followed by a shift to exceptionally wet weather from late spring through the summer. Continue reading “Where will 2012 end up in the annals of global warming?”

Opinion: The latest myth from global warming deniers

The latest claim is that global warming ‘ended’ in 1997

Notice how even the coolest years aren't quite as cool as they were even just 20 years ago? The latest myth of global cooling is a classic case of cherry picking a short segment of the climate record to try and confuse and mislead the public.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The latest climate-change rumor floating around the web is that global warming has ended, to which we could all say Hallelujah and Amen, were it only true.

Not only that, but the perpetrators of the myth have actually identified a specific date for the end of that pernicious warming trend that is already causing so many problems around the world. Hanging their hat on a data set recently released by the UK Met Office, they claim that global temperatures have been cooling since 1997. Continue reading “Opinion: The latest myth from global warming deniers”