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Summit County: Logging traffic expected in Mesa Cortina

Logging crews are making progress clearing dead trees from Summit County.

Contractor clearing out beetle-killed trees

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —Residents of Mesa Cortina and Wildernest can expect more logging traffic this winter, as a contractor removes trees cut during ongoing forest health and wildfire hazard mitigation work. The project, a part of the White River Wildland Urban Interface Stewardship project in Summit County.

Logging trucks will use Upper Royal Buffalo Drive, Twenty Grand Road, and the Ryan Gulch Road.

Please check the White River National Forest Alerts webpage for updated information.If you have any questions, please contact the Dillon Ranger District at 970-468-5400.

Guidelines to help avoid risk in beetle-kill areas (from the White River NF website):

  • Avoid dense patches of trees.  They can fall without warning.
  • Stay out of the forest when there are strong winds.  If you are in the forest and the winds kick up, head to a clearing out of reach of any trees.
  • Place campers and tents in areas where they will not be hit by a falling tree.
  • When driving in remote areas of the forest, park close to a main road rather than on a spur or one-way section.  If trees fall across the road you may be trapped.
  • Bring an axe or chainsaw to remove fallen trees if you become trapped.
  • Do not rely on cell phones for safety.  There is no coverage in many areas of the fores

Summit County resident saves home, dogs from fire

Quick thinking, smoke detectors and a well-placed garden hose help Mesa Cortina resident exinguish threatening blaze

Marcus Mathieu Mirazo used a garden hose to put out a threatening kitchen fire at his Mesa Cortina home. PHOTO BY LAKE DILLON FIRE-RESCUE.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A quick-thinking Mesa Cortina resident used a garden hose Tuesday to extinguish a kitchen fire that threatened to destroy his home at 041 King’s Court.

Marcus Mathieu Mirazo said the beeping of a neighbor’s smoke detector woke him up Tuesday afternoon while he was napping between jobs. When he walked outside to investigate, he noticed smoke pouring from the upstairs eaves.

Mirazo quickly hooked up a garden hose and started spraying the flames that had started slipping out the cracking the kitchen window. He hauled the hose up an external stairway, broke up a door window with a rock and hosed down the rolling flames that by that time had nearly engulfed the small kitchen. Continue reading “Summit County resident saves home, dogs from fire”