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Plans to increase gas exports brings new fracking worries

A fracking pump.

Lawmakers urge caution and studies before approving massive exports of liquid natural gas

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — As the energy industry looks to boost sagging natural gas prices by exporting the resource overseas, a group of lawmakers, including Rep. Jared Polis, is asking the U.S. Department of Energy to take a close look at the potential impacts of those export plans.

In a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Polis and Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) said they are concerned that increasing exports would lead to more  hydraulic fracturing, threatening public health and impacting jobs. Continue reading “Plans to increase gas exports brings new fracking worries”


Energy: The FRAC Act is back in Congress

A U.S. Government map shows where there are potential reserves of natural gas captured in shale and sand.

Proposed law would require disclosure of chemicals used in controversial gas-driling technique and end a Bush-era exemption from the drinking water regulations

By Summit Voice

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SUMMIT COUNTY — Residents of natural gas patches around the country who have seen their drinking water polluted to the point that it sometimes catches fire would get some relief under the FRAC Act.

The proposed law, introduced this week in Congress for the third time, would require energy companies to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, and most importantly, close a loophole that exempts drilling operators from drinking water regulations. Continue reading “Energy: The FRAC Act is back in Congress”