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Summit County: 5th-driest March on record

Temperatures averaged 6 to 8 degrees above average

By the end of March, most of the valleys were snow-free.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — This past month may not have been the driest March ever in the high country, but it was very close. At the official National Weather Service in Dillon, there was measurable precipitation on only four days (March 2,3,4 and 19), adding up to just 3 inches of snow and a paltry 0.20 inches of water, compared to the average 1.42 inches of water and 22 inches of snow.

Temperatures at the Dillon site veered even farther from average, with the average maximum temperature for the month soaring all the way to 47.6 degrees, more than 8 degrees above the long-term average of 39 degrees. The average low temperature for the month was 13.9 degrees, compared to the average 7.6 degrees. Continue reading “Summit County: 5th-driest March on record”