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Sunday set: Back to the garden

Go local

As a step toward cutting our carbon footprint, we’ve started to become more conscious about what we eat, and cutting back on meat, especially beef, is one big step. But it also means thinking about where your food comes from. If you stop eating meat but you’re munching fruit that’s been transported 8,000 miles by an oil-powered freighter, it might not be so climate-friendly. These are part of our regular talks at the dinner table, and it all leads to more awareness and change. Austrian supermarkets and food producers help inform these conversations with labels showing the origins of various items, and organic almost goes without saying. As often as possible, we buy produce, and wild mushrooms, from a regional farmer who comes to town once a week. The best foods of all come from a backyard garden, like the luscious strawberries and grapes that grow at our friends’ house in Lower Austria. And wild food isn’t bad either, when you can get it. Blackberries off the vine? Yes, please!


Colorado: Farmers market contest in under way

Fresh produce at the Dillon Farmers Market.

Several Colorado markets in the running for title as ‘America’s favorite market’

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A handful of Colorado farmers markets are in the running to be crowned as one of America’s favorites this summer, as voting is under way in a contest designed to help shoppers connect the dots between farmers and farmlands that produce food, and the stores and markets where those foods are purchased.

“Colorado has been losing farmland to sprawling development every day,” said American Farmland Trust president Jon Scholl. “There would be no local food without local farms and farmland. People can make a real difference in the economic health of their communities by shopping at farmers markets, participating in CSAs, and buying direct from the farm.”

To date, about 100 votes have been cast for Colorado farmers markets in the contest that began June 1 and runs throughout the summer.  On August 1, four winning markets from across the nation — one large, one medium, one small, and one boutique — will receive the title of America’s Favorite Farmers Market for 2011.  For the first time this year, the market in each state with the most votes will also receive a prize. A directory of farmers markets in Colorado is online here. Continue reading “Colorado: Farmers market contest in under way”