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Public lands: Advocacy group looks to boost Latino visitation and engagement at national parks

‘Four Stops’ tour features social media coverage

Pueblo del Arroyo, Chaco
Pueblo del Arroyo, Chaco Culture National Park in New Mexico, one of the stops on a tour aimed at boosting Hispanic engagement with national parks. Photo courtesy NPS.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Some National Park Service officials have long expressed concern that the country’s changing demographics could affect park visitation. Currently, only 9 percent of the nation’s approximately 54 million Latinos visit the country’s national parks each year, according the American Latino Heritage Fund.

One of biggest barriers to entry is awareness, according to the Hispanic Access Foundation, which is sponsoring a “Four Stops” tour starting this week boost turnout and  protect parks from oil and gas development for future generations.

Foundation president Maite Arce and her family will complete the 950-mile tour with stops at Dinosaur National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, Arches National Park and Chaco Culture National Park in New Mexico. You can follow the Arce family on Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading “Public lands: Advocacy group looks to boost Latino visitation and engagement at national parks”


Colorado: Post-election poll analyzes Latino vote

President Barack Obama.

Overwhelming Latino support was a key piece of President Obama’s Colorado win

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Changing demographics in swing states have already been widely discussed in the national media as a key factor in President Barack Obama’s win, but post-election polling that drills down a bit more adds some details.

The candidates’ positions on immigration and other issues important to the Latino community were crucial helping Obama win in Colorado, according to data from impreMedia and Latino Decisions. The polling results suggests the Latino vote determined the outcome of the election in the state — and that Latinos were under-represented in pre-election polling, leading to skewed projections on the closeness of the race.

In Colorado, Latino voters supported Obama over Romney by an overwhelming 87 percent to 10 percent margin, the largest split of all eleven states in the poll, for a net contribution of 9.5 percentage points to Obama (based on Latino Decisions’ estimate that Latinos accounted for 12.5 percent of the total Colorado electorate). Continue reading “Colorado: Post-election poll analyzes Latino vote”