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Climate: EPA seeks to cut landfill methane emissions

Cutting methane emissions is a key piece of the Obama administration’s climate strategy.

Cost of new regs estimated at $55 billion

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FRISCO — Oil and gas drilling aren’t the only sources of methane. Landfills generate a significant amount of the heat-trapping gas as waste materials decompose in the ground. Now, the EPA wants to reduce those emissions amount by a third with a rule that would require landfills to collect and control methane.

According to the agency, municipal landfills are the third-largest source of methane, accounting for 18 percent of methane emissions in 2013 – the equivalent of approximately 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution. Continue reading “Climate: EPA seeks to cut landfill methane emissions”


Study: All kinds of nasty stuff in the water

The water may not always be as pure as it looks.

USGS takes close look at landfill water pollution

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FRISCO — Water quality experts with the U.S. Geological Survey say chemicals from pharmaceuticals and personal-care products are widespread in water that has passed through landfill waste.

The researchers collected samples from water that has passed through landfills, — known as leachates — from 19 sites across the country as part of a national assessment, analyzing the water for 202 chemicals across a wide range of uses, including pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, home-use chemicals, pesticides and plastics. Of those 202 chemicals, 129 were found. Continue reading “Study: All kinds of nasty stuff in the water”

Summit County launches residential compost pilot program

Turn your household waste into a rich organic soil amendment with Summit County's composting program. PHOTO BY FLICKR USER normanack, VIA THE CREATIVE COMMONS.

County commissioners to discuss compost program at May 10 work session

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — County recycling experts reckon that at least 40 percent of the area’s residential household waste stream is compostable, and they hope to capture at least part of that material with pilot residential composting program that’s already open for sign-ups on the High Country Conservation Center website.

The composting program will be discussed May 10 at the morning county commissioner work session.

Initially, the drop-off composting program will be limited to a couple of day per week because it has to be staffed, said assistant county manager Thad Noll. That also means people will have to pay for the service, at least to begin with, he said. Continue reading “Summit County launches residential compost pilot program”