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Environment: Mozambique’s Lake Niassa gets reserve status

One of the biggest lakes in the world has been set aside as an ecologic preserve. SATELLITE IMAGE BY NASA.

One of the world’s biggest lakes has more species of freshwater fish than the U.S. and

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Lake Niassa, one of the world’s most unique limnological ecosystems, in the world, will be protected by new fishings rules and by regulations on upland activities like logging.

The government of Mozambique this week set aside the freshwater lake as a reserve to protect its species and natural habitats.

“Protecting Lake Niassa will have an immediate and lasting benefits for the fisheries, providing security to the people who depend on the lake for their food and livelihoods,” said Rubina Haroon, the eastern and southern Africa regional program office representative for the World Wildlife Federation.

Additionally, Mozambique has also approved the proposal for the designation of Lake Niassa as a Ramsar site, including not only the reserve, but surrounding wetlands and watershed. This wetland will be the second Ramsar site for Mozambique. The Marromeu was designated in 2003.

Lake Niassa, spanning 3,369,776 acres and almost 2,300 feet deep is Mozambique’s part of the third largest and the second deepest lake in Africa. Continue reading “Environment: Mozambique’s Lake Niassa gets reserve status”