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Why is the government spying on climate activists?


Fossil fuel protestors targeted by undercover investigations

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The threat of international terrorism apparently is not keeping federal agents so busy that they don’t have time to investigate the largely peaceful community of climate activists who are advocating for a rapid shift to a carbon-free energy economy.

In recent months, federal and local law enforcement agencies have cooperated with fossil fuel companies to spy on groups like 350.org and the Break Free movement, as shown by a series of documents obtained by The Intercept. Those records show that agents went underground to monitor the groups activities and training sessions. Of course, such domestic intelligence operations aren’t new β€” paranoid government agencies have a long history of tracking activists going back at least to Dr. Martin Luther King. Continue reading “Why is the government spying on climate activists?”


Fossil fuels: ‘Enough is enough’

Colorado demonstration part of global protest movement

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As part of a global series of protests against the continued burning of fossil fuels, hundreds of Colorado activists gathered this week in Denver to protest a Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease auction at the Holiday Inn in Lakewood.

Organizers counted about 300 people at the May 12 rally, who demonstrated with signs and banners and tried to interrupt the auction of new oil and gas leases as part of the larger #keepitintheground movement. The goal is to prevent the catastrophic consequences of unchecked global warming, including deadly heatwaves, droughts, forest fires, water shortages and invasive diseases. Continue reading “Fossil fuels: ‘Enough is enough’”

#Keepitintheground β€” in Texas!

A West Texas oil field photographed from the International Space Station in 2006. Image courtesy NASA.
A West Texas oil field photographed from the International Space Station in 2006. Image courtesy NASA.

Feds defer fossil fuel leasing across more than 30,000 acres

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Growing pressure from community groups and environmental activists is paying off. Even in the heart of oil country, federal agencies are starting to take a closer look at the impacts of leasing land for fossil fuel exploitation.

This week, the Bureau of Land Management withdrew all Texas acres from a scheduled April 20 auction. In a notice published April 7, the BLM said the parcels have been deferred in order to further study the public comments received during the protest period. Continue reading “#Keepitintheground β€” in Texas!”

Coal billionaire reaching into taxpayer pockets with refund request for defunct mine

A federal handout to Bill Koch?

Feds propose multimillion dollar fossil fuel rebate

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Against a backdrop of falling coal prices and the recent bankruptcy declaration of Arch Coal, the federal government is proposing to refund as much as $14 million dollars to Bill Koch. The billionaire claims he is entitled to the money because of “adverse geologic and engineering conditions” at the now-closed Oxbow Mine, near Somerset, along the Gunnison River in western Colorado.

The proposed refund would be structured as a royalty rate reduction from 8 percent to 5 percent, retroactive to 2012, according to a December letter from the federal Bureau of Land Management to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Continue reading “Coal billionaire reaching into taxpayer pockets with refund request for defunct mine”