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Morning photo: indoor, outdoor

Winter whimsy

Morning shadows in some of the majestic aspen groves along lower Straight Creek.

FRISCO — Big holiday ski weekends are a good time for locals to lay low, leaving plenty of room on the roads and in the grocery store aisles for the altitude-dazed flatlanders flocking to the high country in search of fresh snow. If you have to go out, do it early in the morning, for quiet walk along the Tenderfoot Trail and to soak up the morning light in the aspen groves along Straight Creek Road. That’s what I did today, taking the dog for an early morning jaunt in the powder, than returning home and hiding out for the rest of the day. These are all whimsical iPhone shots, but f you like the images in this post, please visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more hi-resolution Summit County images, available as prints and greeting cards. Continue reading “Morning photo: indoor, outdoor”


Morning photo: Half-light …

Stormy skies

Trying to "see" the light ...
Trying to “see” the light …

FRISCO —Stormy skies over Summit County made for some fine photos the past few days, both morning and evening. Yes, traveling to new places for photos is always fun, but I equally enjoy revisiting favorite spots to see how they look in different lighting. All the shots in this series are within a five-minute walk of a road or trailhead here in Summit County.

If you like these pics, please check our FineArt America online gallery for prints and greeting cards. Continue reading “Morning photo: Half-light …”

Morning photo: Flyover

West Coast-Denver flight a great geology lesson

Salty Mono Lake is a unique inland sea in eastern California, and an enduring symbol of success for environmental advocacy, activism and education.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — I’m one of those annoying airplane passengers who always wants a window seat. If I don’t have one, I may be the guy next to you who leans across your lap to catch a glimpse of a familiar or exotic landscape from 35,000 feet up. I’m pretty sure I’ve always been that way, even as a kid, when on family trips, I stared out of the plane window for hours.

Even on trips across the ocean, the ever-changing patterns of sunlight reflecting on the sea and shifting cloud bands hypnotizes me. And if I’m flying over territory that I’ve explored on the ground, so much the better. It’s always fun to spot a familiar landmark from a new perspective.

So on a recent flight from the Bay Area back to Denver, it was a gift to fly over Mono Lake, where I spent some formative years learning about western water issues and environmental advocacy from the incredible grassroots Mono Lake Committee. Later in the flight, the widespread landscape alteration from oil and gas drilling in the intermountain West became apparent, along with slices of untouched Utah wilderness and national park lands.

In this series, the stark light of mid-day and the muted colors of winter paint a subdued picture of the interior West, especially through the filters of my iPhone app. All these images were shot with an iPhone 4S. Continue reading “Morning photo: Flyover”

Morning photo: SF potpourri …

Friday in the city …

Evening light over the Golden Gate from the Coit Tower.

SAN FRANCISCO —A great day walking around the city, revisiting some old favorite spots and discovering new hidden nooks and crannies with Leigh. In a city as large a diverse as San Franciso, it’s not really surprising that you can find new hidden treasures to explore and enjoy, but the old classics like the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset are still special. I left the DSLR behind and worked only with the iPhone camera, although I was wishing I had the Nikon with me at sunset. Continue reading “Morning photo: SF potpourri …”

Morning photo: ‘Extreme’

Marginal lighting …

Frozen waterfall in Tenmile Canyon at the light of high noon.

FRISCO — With the X Games on this week, I set out on an “extreme” photography challenge of my own, trying to test the limits of the iPhone camera in different lighting conditions. I already know it performs fairly well in low light situations — but not too low, because it gets really grainy, really fast. So photographing the sunrise is a matter catching that moment when the sky still has color, but the clouds are reflecting enough light back down to the foreground. The snow helps — a lot. I also wanted to try and capture the frozen waterfalls in Tenmile Canyon in daylight, and there’s no real in-between for this spot. It’s either in the shade or in the full sun. And I continue to be amazed at what the little camera can do shooting directly toward the sun, provided you’re a little creative with your positioning. Continue reading “Morning photo: ‘Extreme’”

Morning photo: A winter’s day …

Snow country

Frozen mist over Dillon Reservoir Friday morning generated a brilliant sundog.

FRISCO — A couple of brilliant days in the high country, and few more to come. If the forecast can be believed, we’re probably a week away from any significant snow, and the longer term outlook is particularly encouraging for big dumps any time soon, so I’m enjoying winter while it’s here. Remember, last year we were all sort of counting on a big March, traditionally our snowiest month, and instead, it warmed into the 50s. By the time March was over, nearly all our snow was gone, especially in the valleys, so I’m thinking right now is about as deep and crispy as it may get the rest of the winter. The first and last shots are with the DSLR, the ones in between are iPhone shots. Continue reading “Morning photo: A winter’s day …”

Morning photo: Frost City, USA

The heart of winter

Even a dead tree can become a thing of beauty in the right light, covered with frost.

FRISCO — I had a chance to try out the Olloclip lens for my iPhone camera the past few weeks. I was especially interested in the macro attachment, and after playing around with it for a while, finally figured out how to optimize the shots. If you haven’t heard of it, the Olloclip is a three-way (wide-angle, macro and fisheye) lens that simply slips over the corner of your iPhone. It retails for about $70 and adds some versatility to your repertoire. I still haven’t figured out all the tricks, but I can say that, for a pocket-sized attachment, it offers some fun features. It’s never going to be quite as sharp as a true all-out DSLR macro lens, but as the photo below shows, it does the job for casual snapshots. Now, to explore a telephone lens for the iPhone. All the photos in this set are by iPhone. Continue reading “Morning photo: Frost City, USA”