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Morning photo: Snapshots III

Around the county …

Playing with light, shadow and compositions … Colorado!

FRISCO — Some days are make for photography and others aren’t, but a even when things aren’t going exactly as planned, it’s fun to challenge yourself and work to get a good shot. That could be as simple as focusing in on some closeups, like the flowes above, or finding a blotch of color in an otherwise gray scene. Bottom line, you can almost always make a decent image if you’re willng to look long enough! Continue reading “Morning photo: Snapshots III”


Morning photo: Unfiltered, mostly …


A classic view of the Tenmile Range from Sapphire Point.

FRISCO —I’ve posted a lot of filtered iPhone shots in the past few months, so I decided it was time to use a few without those special effects. The temptation is always there to use an Instagram filter to lighten the foreground or intensify the sunset colors — the trick sometimes is knowing when NOT to do that. Continue reading “Morning photo: Unfiltered, mostly …”

Morning photo: Insta-groovy

More monsoon skies …

Evening view of Frisco, with Buffalo Mountain as a backdrop.

FRISCO — I’m still learning about my iPhone camera, and one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really quite good at picking up color and highlights in an otherwise shaded foreground, like the top image in this set. The difference between the light and dark areas helps give images a pleasing (to my eyes) depth, and using the built-in HDR means less post-processing, which I needed in the next image in the set to balance out a shot taken with a DSLR. Most of all, the clouds the last few days have been fabulous!

Dillon Reservoir, still in the evening light.

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Morning photo: Roadside snaps

Beauty is wherever you find it …

Colorado wildflower sticky geranium
A sticky geranium, the wild version of all those potted plants, glows in the early morning sun along the Meadow Creek Trail.

FRISCO — Just a few quick snapshots grabbed while out and about, walking the dogs, doing errands and cruising around Summit County … All shots with the iPhone.

Tenmile Range Summit County Colorado
A drive-by shot of evening alpenglow on the Tenmile Range, run through an Instagram filter on the iPhone. This was shot while cruising through Officers Gulch at about 65 mph.

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Morning photo: Iphonesia

Mobile photography at its best

Along came a spider …

FRISCO — After a year of using my iPhone camera, I really feel like I’ve gained a good sense of when it works and when it doesn’t. As always, light is the key — the spider in the top image appeared just a minute before the sun dipped behind Buffalo Mountain, helping to sharpen the lighting on the web and really intensifying the color of the arachnid. Bottom line, I’ll probably never (and I should never say never) give up my DSLRs, but there are times when I’m perfectly happy cruising around, making pictures with this marvelous little device. Continue reading “Morning photo: Iphonesia”