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Sunday set: Re-view

Summer scenes …

A quickie photo trek through through parts of Austria reflecting the peak of the summer season, including building thunderstorms over Vienna and the Danube, one more of the poppy fields in full bloom, and some countryside shots. Check the Sunday Set archive for more travel pics, and visit our online gallery for fine art nature and landscape images, available printed on a wide range of mediums.


Morning photo: The mountain zone

High in the Rockies …

FRISCO —Early mornings are the best during these long summer days in the Colorado high country. Before the heat and haze build, before the traffic gets thick, it’s quite and calm, and the glow of dawn suffuses the landscape with warmth. But if you want to catch the sunrise, you’ll have to get up plenty early. If not, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily photo updates and visit our online Fine Art America gallery for more Colorado landscape photography.

Morning photo: Shoreline sunrise

Time shift

Fire and ice.
Fire and ice.

FRISCO — The switch back to standard time threw me for a bit of a loop Monday. By the time I made it out to the shore of Dillon Reservoir with the dogs, it was bright daylight, or at least much brighter than the crepuscular light that I’d become accustomed to for that hour of the day. Not to worry, the lighting along the coves near the Heaton Bay Campground was still dramatic, one of the nice things about November from a photography perspective — the sun doesn’t pop straight up, it creeps along the horizon for a bit! After running a couple of errands in Silverthorne, I made one quick stop at the I-70 scenic overlook, taking a quick iPhone snap of the cloud drama, edited and posted below. If you enjoy our morning snaphsot series, please visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Colorado landscape images. Continue reading “Morning photo: Shoreline sunrise”

Morning photo: Cloudporn

Summit skies

Stumps of a forest cut to make way for Dillon Reservoir under a near-overcast of cumulus clouds make for a dramatic scene along the edge of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO —Some great clouds the last few days in Summit County, especially Tuesday, as a batch of thunderstorms moved through the area late in the day.

Sun, raindrops and towering thunderclouds, photographed from behind the Frisco Walmart.

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