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Morning photo: River’s edge

Ice magic!

FRISCO — Cruising along the edge of local waterways on these frosty winter mornings always yields a few surprises, like the incredibly delicate latticeworks of ice frost on display in this set. A steady source of moisture, combined with sudden changes in temperature and sunshine, create dynamic landscapes that can change from day to day, and even hour to hour, and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time with camera in hand, it can be pure magic. For daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Oh, the things you can see!

Winter wonders …

FRISCO — Exploring in winter requires a little more effort than just slipping on a pair of flip-flops for a casual summer jaunt to the beach, but it’s well worth the effort, especially if you’re a shutterbug. Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged, look for a pair of thin glove liners so you can operate your camera without getting frostbite, and then wander out into the winter landscapes with your eyes wide open. This set is compiled from the freeze-up season, when the world is in transition. For daily updates follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: The edge

Freezing up …

Hazy morning light on an early December morning.

FRISCO —A quick gallery on the cusp of seasons as we head toward the solstice and the official start of winter in Summit County and the final freeze-up of Dillon Reservoir. The slow start to snowfall in December may not be the best for skiers and local resorts, but it’s been interesting to watch the slow weather transitions from a photography standpoint. This year, the first big snow came BEFORE the ice; now, the snow is starting to melt again (at least in the valleys), which kind of makes it feel like the seasons went into reverse a little bit! Continue reading “Morning photo: The edge”

Morning photo: Ice!

Watching winter …

FRISCO — Sure, we all love snow, but I say ice is underrated. There’s such beauty in watching winter take hold across streams, lakes, reservoirs and ponds. Later in the winter it will all be covered with snow, so now’s the time to venture out to the edge of the water and watch the weird and wonderful development of the mountain cryosphere. At times, you can hear the ice sing and ping as it stretches, cracks and grows. In other places, where shards of ice are blown by the wind, it can sound like thousands of little ringing bells. Check out our daily photo feed on Instagram and visit our Fine Art America online gallery for more landscape shots from Colorado.

Morning photo: Blue light special

UV haze …

Some of the weirdest blue light that I’ve seen in the mountains, taken early morning off Ute Pass Road in Summit County, Colorado. DSLR,

FRISCO — A quick and random selection of mostly early morning shots featuring some unusual light, along with some freaakin’ cool images of the melting ice slabs along the shore of Dillon Reservoir. Continue reading “Morning photo: Blue light special”

Morning photo: Frozen!

Icy goodness

Dawn sky glow tints a batch of icicles outside our kitchen window in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO —Living in a place where sub-freezing temps are common for at least half the year, you learn to appreciate the friendly side of the cold season. I’ve long had a fascination with frozen things, so jaunting about with a camera to capture some of the ice formations is second nature. When I saw the theme of this week’s #FriFotos twitter chat, I knew it wouldn’t take too long to pull a few appropriate images out of the archives. Please visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for a full selection of Colorado landscape and nature images. Continue reading “Morning photo: Frozen!”

Morning photo: Weird ice

Gotta love winter!

Ice and frost formations along Tenmile Creek in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Every now and then I take a break from admiring (and photographing) Summit County’s stunning landscapes to zoom in a little closer. In the winter, that means checking out the sometimes bizarre ice and frost formations around local streams, lakes and reservoirs. This set from the archives features some of the more unusual formations. Continue reading “Morning photo: Weird ice”