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Morning photo: Icy bliss

High country

I really wanted to shoot this Snake River scene in the shadows to emphasize the cool blue winter light. In this version, an Instagram filter helped me get the look I was after.

FRISCO —Cool blues, frosty whites and silvers and a bit of green dominate this set of images, the colors of winter. The past few days were as cold as it’s been for about nine or 10 months here in Summit County, the first real taste of winter, and hopefully just the start of a long snow season. I revisited a favorite spot along the Snake River to try and shoot some familiar scenes in a little bit different light, and since these are the shortest days of the year, the sun slants through some pretty unusual spots in the craggy skyline. I also inserted a few shots of last winter’s crop of frost flowers, mainly to remind myself not to miss these ephemeral formations when they appear the first few days after Dillon Reservoir freezes over. Continue reading “Morning photo: Icy bliss”