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Oceans: Hammerhead sharks may get more protection

Scalloped hammerhead shark via Wikipedia and a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Costa Rica, Honduras propose listing scalloped hammerheads under interntational trade agreement

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Two Caribbean nations this week moved to try and protect threatened hammerhead sharks from overfishing under an international trade agreement.

Costa Rica and Honduras proposed listing scalloped hammerhead sharks under an appendix to to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), considered to be one of the best-enforced international conservation agreements. Regulation under the appendix ensures that trade is sustainable and legal. Appendix II covers species that are not necessarily threatened with extinction but could become so unless trade is closely controlled. Continue reading “Oceans: Hammerhead sharks may get more protection”


Tropical Storm Rina forms in the Caribbean

Stormy weather ahead for the eastern Yucatan Peninsula

Tropical Storm Rina in the Caribbean
Tropical Storm Rina could be headed for the Cancun area later this week.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Tropical Storm Rina is spinning over very warm water east of the Yucatan and is expected to gradually strengthen the next few days before potentially making landfall near the tip of the peninsula toward the end of the week.

A tropical storm watch is currently in effect for parts of the Homduras coast, which could be hit by gusty winds and heavy rain before the storm veers more to the north. Wind speeds near the center of the storm are currently at about 40 mph, but the storm could strengthen to wind speeds of 60 mph in the next 48 hours. Continue reading “Tropical Storm Rina forms in the Caribbean”

Harvey may reach hurricane strength before reaching Belize

Harvey could be brewing up hurricane force winds before reaching Belize.

Winds could peak at 75 mph, with heavy rains, flash floods and mudslides expected 

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —Tropical Storm Harvey could reach hurricane strength by the time it reaches the coast of Belize Saturday afternoon or evening.

An Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter flight Friday evening showed that Harvey is expected to linger over warm waters, with little wind shear aloft, for a while longer before making landfall.

That means sustained winds could reach as high as 75 mph before the storm hits the Caribbean shoreline. Harvey’s winds strengthened from 45 mph Friday morning to 60 mph by Friday evening.

Tropical storm watches have been upgraded to warnings along the coast from Honduras through Belize and to the southeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula