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Colorado: Hazard tree removal along major highways

Roadside logging is under way in the Colorado high country, as the Forest Service partners with CDOT to remove hazard trees along key highways.

Logging to continue into autumn

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Travelers in the Colorado high country may encounter a few delays and lane closures as the Forest Service and CDOT partner to clear beetle-killed trees from along major highways.

“Ensuring these major transportation corridors are clear of dead trees is certainly critical to keeping people safe and traffic flowing,” said Cal Wettstein, Rocky Mountain region incident commander for the Forest Service.

Work has already started along I-70 in Summit County and motorists can expect to see more tree removal along US Highway 40 over Berthoud Pass and State Hwy. 125. The dead trees pose a threat to public safety as they weaken over time and may fall without warning along these popular transportation routes. Continue reading “Colorado: Hazard tree removal along major highways”


Logging along local trails and roads through mid-October

Forest Service crews will be clearing dead and dying trees along local trails and roads through mid-October. PHOTO BY DYLAN BERWYN.

National Forest visitors can expect some delays while crews cut dead trees

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — More hazard tree clearing will continue throughout the Dillon Ranger District until October 15.  Dead and dying trees along forest roads and trails will be felled by firefighting crews using chainsaws to make the area safer and reduce fire risks.

Crews will be working along the following trails the next couple of weeks and the Forest Service is asking people to avoid the areas.

Frey Gulch #66.2A,
North Tenmile,
Gold Hill,
and sections of the Colorado Trail.

The following roads will be affected:
Crystal Creek, Aqueduct,
Frey Gulch #66.2B,
Rock Island,
Prospect Hill,
Lincoln Park,
Boreas Pass,
Peru Creek,
and the North Fork of the Swan.

Summit County: More hazard tree logging

A couple of trees knocked over by winds lay across a spur trail in the Old Dillon Reservoir area.

Popular local roads and trails affected; Forest Service asking people to stay away

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Hikers beware — Forest Service timber crews will working to clear hazard trees from along popular trails and roads the next few days. The agency is asking people to stay away while the tree-felling is in progress.

Here’s a list of the affected trails:
Meadow Creek
North Tenmile

Spruce Creek
Crystal Creek
Frey Gulch
Rock Island
Prospect Hill Road
Brush Creek

“We ask that forest users avoid these areas so that our crews can make the most efficient use of their time,” said Dillon District Ranger Jan Cutts. “All forest users should expect delays when encountering tree felling operations. We ask for continued cooperation to ensure both public safety and that of our crews.”

The operations will continue indefinitely depending on crew availability. Hazard trees located within 110 percent of the height of the tallest tree from the edge of the trail or road will be felled. Felling operations are expected to run between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. The above trails and roads were identified as a priority because of the high amount of use.