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Morning photo: Yes, more snow!

Just another day …

Robins returned to Frisco on a snowy spring day.

FRISCO —A typical spring day in the Colorado high country, starting with bright sunshine, but by 10 a.m. the sky turned gray and heavy and by noon, thick graupel was falling from the sky, signaling the start of a small spring storm that dropped a few more inches of wet snow in the area. It’s kind of weird to see snow falling from the sky and watching it melt away off the ground at the same time, but I guess it’s just the nature of the season. Continue reading “Morning photo: Yes, more snow!”


Jan. 6 weather: 50 avalanches reported

From the Wikimedia Commons, a microscopic image of a rime-covered snow crystal, commonly known as graupel. In some cases, the original shape of the snowflake is no longer visible, but the graupel that fell in Summit County Wednesday morning was only lightly rimed.

It’s a graupel-ly kind of morning in Summit Land, where the CAIC has dropped an avalanche watch, but is still warning of considerable hazards in the backcountry

Graupel piles up on a deck in Frisco. Click on the image for a larger view and look closely to see the stellar shape of the original snow crystals, coated with rime from a bumpy ride through layers of super-cooled water vapor in the atmosphere.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Forecasters with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center dropped an avalanche watch for the north-central mountains as yet another storm fizzled out over the region before dropping the anticipated snowfall.

A-Basin reported .25 inches, with 3 inches at Breckenridge and 2 inches of new snow at Copper.

But don’t let your guard down in the backcountry. The avalanche danger is still rated as considerable near and above treeline on north to south-facing slopes, where triggered releases are still probable in the complex and weak snowpack.

The avalanche center reports about 50 observed slides around the area the last few days, about half of them natural, the rest triggered by control work. Please visit the avalanche center web site for a full forecast and discussion of backcountry conditions. By phone, call the Summit-Vail hotline at (970) 668-0600. Continue reading “Jan. 6 weather: 50 avalanches reported”