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Morning photo: Eyecandy III

Technicolor …

Alpenglow on Guyot and Baldy.
Alpenglow on Guyot and Baldy.

FRISCO —Every now and then I get to post a short set of images that don’t really need a lot of verbiage …

Gore Range, morning light.

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Morning photo: Gore Range

Overlook …

An iPhone panorama shot from a Gore Range overlook along Ute Pass Road.

FRISCO —Saturday morning, with no school breakfast and lunch to make, I took a little extra time to visit one of my favorite Gore Range overlooks along Ute Pass Road. Along with a great view, the shale slopes of the Williams Fork Range are great habitat for ancient Douglas firs, a relatively rare tree in our environment, so it’s always good to hang out in the presence of these centuries-old giants. Playing with three cameras, I managed to put together a decent set of wintry Gore Range scenes. Continue reading “Morning photo: Gore Range”

Morning Photo: Gore Range, Colorado

Don’t let anyone tell you the wildflower season is over …

The north end of the Gore Range, Summit County, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — We managed to break away from our computers for a short, two-night backpacking trip into the Gore Range this week, and we’re glad we did. Summer is all to short to begin with, and even without knowing what we would’ve missed, we would have experienced some regret during the long. cold days of winter. As it turned out, the massive winter snows and late snowmelt fueled a prodigious crop of wildflowers in this part of the Eagles Nest Wilderness, and a lingering late-summer weather pattern made for some exceedingly pleasant camping weather. Continue reading “Morning Photo: Gore Range, Colorado”

Morning photo: Best of, so far …

Mountains, ice and wildflowers

Sunset and wildflower color at Loveland Pass, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Just a quick riff through the archives for some of the best Summit Voice photography of the past year or so. It’s never to early for a best-of feature, and even though this is a bit of a mish-mash, the common theme is intensity of color and light. Continue reading “Morning photo: Best of, so far …”