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Morning photo: West!

It’s not ALWAYS wild …

Looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge makes you realize you're about as far west as you can be in the U.S.
Looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge makes you realize you’re about as far west as you can be in the U.S.

FRISCO — When I saw this week’s #FriFotos theme I was pretty excited. After the West is where I first really spread my photography wings and learned to fly. In the early days, it was all I could do to hold the camera steady and straight while taking in those jaw-dropping vistas. Today, places like the Golden Gate Bridge still make my jaw drop, but thanks to digital photography and a slightly more sophisticated approach and technique, I do manage to capture a decent shot every now and then. Join in the Twitter chat fun by uploading your favorite west-themed pics and tagging with #FriFotos and posting them to Twitter. Continue reading “Morning photo: West!”


Morning photo: By the Bay

West Coast …

The Pt. Montara Lighthouse and Fog Signal Station, 20 miles south of San Francisco, is now an international youth hostel operated by Hostelling International.

FRISCO —A short weekend trip to the Bay Area yielded a handful of classic West Coast images, with ocean mists softening the light, and a blanket of atmospheric haze and pollution adding color to the sunsets. There’s a reason the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most-photographed scenes in the country. The magnificent span is one of those rare human structures that arguably enhances the surrounding landscape (or seascape). It’s almost hard to imagine what the entrance to San Francisco Bay looked like before the bridge was built 75 years ago, and looking at historical pictures, the inlet looks almost naked without it. Continue reading “Morning photo: By the Bay”

Morning photo: SF potpourri …

Friday in the city …

Evening light over the Golden Gate from the Coit Tower.

SAN FRANCISCO —A great day walking around the city, revisiting some old favorite spots and discovering new hidden nooks and crannies with Leigh. In a city as large a diverse as San Franciso, it’s not really surprising that you can find new hidden treasures to explore and enjoy, but the old classics like the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset are still special. I left the DSLR behind and worked only with the iPhone camera, although I was wishing I had the Nikon with me at sunset. Continue reading “Morning photo: SF potpourri …”