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Energy: The big GOP lie about renewables and fossil fuels

German solar energy production peaked at 20 gigawatts recently, equivalent to the production from 20 nuclear power plants.

Seduced by cheap natural gas, U.S. may lose ground in the path away from fossil fuels

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Closing in on the peak of the presidential election season, it’s probably too much to expect honesty from politicians desperate to get elected or re-elected.

But it’s especially disturbing to hear lies about things that can easily be proved with fact-based reality checks. Energy is one of those issues that’s been twisted beyond recognition by the Republican Party, mainly because so many of the GOP’s candidates are heavily financed by fossil fuel companies — and by the way, so are plenty of Democrats.

The latest political twist is the claim that high gas prices are due to President Obama’s policies of pursuing renewable energy at the expense of fossil fuels, and that we can merrily drill and frack our way to cheaper fuel prices, all the while upping emissions of greenhouse gases. Continue reading “Energy: The big GOP lie about renewables and fossil fuels”