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Travel: Georgetown celebrates bighorn sheep festival

Georgetown honors Colorado's state mammal.

Nov. 12 event featues wildlife watching, family activities

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado’s bighorn sheep are, for the most part, peaceful animals, spending most of their time browsing on grass and wildflowers in some of the most sublime landscapes in the country.

But for a few weeks every year right about this time, primal mating instincts kick in, and the rams posture, paw and huff, sometimes charging each other in an impressive display of animal power that culminates with a clash of their mighty curled horns. More info here …

Georgetown will celebrate Colorado’s state mammal Nov. 12 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) with the sixth annual Bighorn Sheep Festival, a wildlife-oriented event that includes fun for the entire family, with presentations on wildlife topics like winter bird feeding, as well as face-painting and a climbing wall for kids.

Nestled next to I-70 and boasting the the largest herd of bighorn sheep in the state, Georgetown is the perfect spot to learn more about the habits and nature of these home-grown, high-altitude rock climbers. Continue reading “Travel: Georgetown celebrates bighorn sheep festival”


Travel: Georgetown preps for 50th Christmas Market

Georgetown's youngsters have always been a huge part of the town's Christmas Market, and that won't change during this year's 50th edition of the popular festival.

Annual  festivities show the heart and soul of the town, as young and old pitch in to create a holiday wonderland.

This year’s market will be held Dec. 4 -5 and Dec. 11-12, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on 6th street. Click here for more details.

By Summit Voice

GEORGETOWN — In 1960 Georgetown was a different place. There was no Interstate 70, virtually no homes north of 11th Street and  the town’s population was 400 people — yet a boom was starting.

In the 1950s, Georgetown residents and merchants had combined to form the Georgetown Civic Association to promote what is now called heritage tourism. The town was attracting a growing number of on-the-road travelers, and  some among those, from very foreign places, chose to stay.

Astrid and Stig Gusterman came from Sweden via New York and Denver to make their home in Georgetown. Annette Holmes came from Germany; others from around the country, including Holmes’ husband Bill, as well as Odette and Wally Baehler, all from from Chicago. The newcomers became Georgetown merchants: Silversmiths, artists, creative clothing designers and restaurateurs establishing the Red Ram.

In 1960, the entrepreneurs decided they would try to attract more winter business. Astrid and Stig recalled the Christmases of their childhood in Sweden, when communities gathered to celebrate and sell their wares in a Christmas Market. With the help of Odie and Annette, they launched the first Georgetown Christmas Market. In the early years, there were no booths or entertainment, but from the start, chestnuts roasted. The Santa Lucia wore her crown of lights and Buff’s horse-drawn sleigh carried carolers around the town.  Continue reading “Travel: Georgetown preps for 50th Christmas Market”