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Morning photo: Odd & ends

Ice and snow …

Ice-over on Dillon Reservoir.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A few recent scenes from around the area in this unusually sunny December. Despite the lack of snow, Dillon Reservoir froze over pretty close to its average date. The planet may be heating up, but the date of the reservoir ice-over has held steady. On average, it freezes in the third week of December. Continue reading “Morning photo: Odd & ends”


Dillon Reservoir generally stable in winter months

Cold-season operations vary depending on water, maintenance needs

Ice flowers grow in early December on the surface of Dillon Reservoir while the ice is still thin. PHOTO BY BOB BERWYN.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — During the summer, water watchers keep a close eye on Dillon Reservoir. The water level in the impoundment is critical to the area’s recreation economy and also to downstream fisheries.

But what happens during the cold winter season, when the reservoir rests under a layer of ice? Does the level go up or down? Is water being diverted to the Front Range from under the ice?

To answer those questions, I spoke with Bob Steger, Denver Water’s manager of raw water supplies. Steger is point person for Denver Water in the spring, when Silverthorne wants to know if there’s going to be flooding, and as local marina operators gear up for the boating season. Continue reading “Dillon Reservoir generally stable in winter months”