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Frisco Fireworks!

Fall begins with a bang

SUMMIT COUNTY — Frisco’s July 4th fireworks may have been canceled due to the extreme fire danger earlier this summer, but the town helped locals and visitors celebrate the end of summer with a raincheck show. Steady summer monsoons helped ease the fire danger, so the display went off without a hitch. Here’s what it lo0ked like from Summit Voice headquarters.


Frisco BBQ Challenge 2010: Stoking the fires

This year’s edition of the Frisco BBQ challenge started with the Radiators taking the stage on Main Street, while chefs from around the country stacked wood, unpacked cases of meet and … well, drank beer to get in the spirit of the event. Get more information on the BBQ Challenge at the Town of Frisco website.

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Slab upon slab upon slab of ribs ...

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