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Morning photo: Holiday lights

Brightening the season …

FRISCO — What better way to brighten up the long, dark nights of the solstice season than with a string of colored lights, or some glittery stars on a snow-covered tree? Residents of our Colorado mountain community know how to show the glow during Christmas, with festive scenes ranging from the whimsical to the sacred. And through it all, the theme of light shines brightly. Check out all the other shots of holiday lights (and all different sorts of light, for that matter) on the popular #FriFotos Twitter chat, which is featuring lights as the weekly theme.


Morning photo: Summer set

Short and sweet!

Solstice sunset in Colorado.
Solstice sunset in Colorado.

FRISCO —Summer is short and sweet in the Colorado high country, marked by the sudden emergence of wildflowers where there was snow just days before. So break out the bikes, flip-flops and camping gear and take advantage of the long days and the few nights of the year when temps don’t drop below the freezing mark. Continue reading “Morning photo: Summer set”

Morning photo: Fall!

Vibrant season …

hraunfoss waterfall iceland
Brilliant fall colors form a backdrop to the Hraunfoss waterfall, formed where springs flow between lava formations into the Hvitá River, near Reykholt, Iceland.

FRISCO — Fall is definitely one of my favorite photography seasons. After the calm, peaceful summer months, earth and sky seem to be jarred out of stasis, suddenly shifting toward a new season. So when #FriFotos invited me to co-host this week’s Twitter chat with a fall theme, I was pretty happy. A September visit to Iceland with @CoTravGirl yielded a ton of fun images — we weren’t really sure what to expect, and the brilliant foilage of the island’s tundra vegetation was an unexpected bonus. Plus, I knew I’d be able to use a couple of pictures of waterfalls, which also fits the “fall” theme. And, of course, Colorado can’t be beat when it comes to foilage. For a few short weeks each year in late September and early October, the aspen forests change in a blaze of color before giving way to the quiet silvery, gray and white tones of winter.

Join in the Twitter fun by uploading your favorite fall pictures to Twitter or Instagram and be sure tag them with #FriFotos, then sit back and enjoy the show. There are sure to be amazing fall pictures from all over the world!

In the Colorado high country, fall and winter often mingle, like in this scene, photographed from deck of the Summit Voice office.

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Morning photo: Fields

Pastoral beauty

Fallow fields in Grand Junction, Colorado, with the Grand Mesa as a backdrop.

FRISCO — I haven’t joined in the #FriFotos Twitter chat for a few months, but when I saw this week’s topic, I did a quick scan of the Summit Voice archives to find some of my favorite pictures of fields around the world, starting right here at home in Colorado and ranging as far as Iceland and Antarctica. On a recent trip, Leigh and I had a chance to visit Iceland, and amidst the wondrous ice fields and stunning coastline, we were fascinated by the lava fields, some of which are carpeted with a squishy, thick layer of moss. Upload your field photos via Flickr, Twitter or Instagram, tag them with #FriFotos and then enjoy the global slide show! Continue reading “Morning photo: Fields”

Morning photo: Kids!

New generations

Sharing … or not?

FRISCO — I haven’t posted up much recently for the super-social #FriFotos Twitter chat, but I couldn’t resist today’s theme — kids. As my own progeny grows into those sometimes awkward mid-teen years, I sometimes look at him and catch a fleeting reflection of a moment long-passed. As lucky as I was to have worked from home during much of his life, and having been able to spend enormous amounts of time with him, traveling, skiing, coaching and volunteering in his classrooms, it’s still all gone by in a flash. Thank goodness for cameras — and memories! Continue reading “Morning photo: Kids!”

Morning photo: Take a hike!

Foot power!

Hiking in the Eagles Nest Wilderness, Summit County, Colorado.
Hiking in the Eagles Nest Wilderness, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — It’s summer time, so what are you waiting for? Turn off your computer, get outside and take a hike, wherever you are! Here are some of our favorite hiking trails both far and near, compiled for the #FriFotos Twitter chat.

Two hikers etched against a brilliant high latitude sky on Deception Island.

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