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Sunday set: Poppy fields

Delightful blooms

For a few weeks each summer, usually in early to mid-July, farm fields in Lower Austria come alive with the poppy bloom. The flowers are planted for their tiny black seeds that are a popular ingredient for a wide variety of baked products in this region of the world. Sometimes they’re simply sprinkled atop braided rolls, but they really shine when they’re ground and mixed into a sweetened paste to fill pastries. The fields in this set are all near the small town of Ottenschlag, and it’s well worth visiting if you happen to be near Vienna this time of year.


Sunday set: In the garden

Tutti Frutti …

Seems like just yesterday it was snowing, and now you can eat ripe cherries off the trees, pluck strawberries in the fields and enjoy summer flowers in the fields. This weekend we spent a little time in the wine and forest country north of Danube and here’s what we found. Check out more Summit Voice travel photography in the Sunday Set archive for more travel pics, or head over to our online gallery at FineArt America for a full selection of nature and landscape photography.

Morning photo: In the gardens

Got light?

I’ve always thought that light and color together create magic. Whether you capture a scene with a camera, or not, you should always keep your eyes open to the possibility of seeing something familiar in a new way, and when you have a darkroom in the palm of your hand, why not experiment a little bit to re-imagine every day objects like a vase full of flowers or a late-blooming rose?

Morning photo: Fun with flowers

Summertime …


SUMMIT COUNTY — The big red Asian poppies are blooming all around the county, and even though these showy blooms aren’t natives, they sure are spectacular. It’s also a sign that it’s mid-summer, and in the surrounding hills, the wildflowers are in full riot. I headed up to Loveland Pass Sunday evening to try and capture some tundra scenes, but the light stayed a bit murky, so here are a few garden shots. Continue reading “Morning photo: Fun with flowers”

Morning photo: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Fresh flowers at the Dillon farmers market.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Flowers, eggs … Easter may be the most colorful holiday, and even if you’re not religious, you can share in the joy of an occasion the celebrates life, rebirth and the richness of the spring season. Here are a few images to evoke some springtime vibes …

Just some post-processing fun with flowers.

Continue reading “Morning photo: Happy Easter!”

Morning photo: Orchid extravaganza

Like something out of Dr. Seuss

Competing for pollinating insects in a fecund ecoystems, orchids must go to colorful extremes.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Depending which reference source you believe, the Orchidaceae family is either the largest or the second-largest family of flowering plants, with only the asteraceae family coming close. By some estimates, there are somewhere around 25,000 separate species of orchids in 880 genera. That’s about double the number of bird species and four times the number of mammal species on the planet — if anyone is counting.

Orchids are found on every continent other than Antarctica, and although they’re commonly perceived as tropical plants, they even grow in the mountains. Click here for some info on North American orchids. Orchids even grow high in the mountains. Read this story about hunting orchids in the Austrian Alps. Some species are native to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Can you name them? Continue reading “Morning photo: Orchid extravaganza”