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Environment: Independence Day fireworks cause short-term spike in harmful air pollution

July 4 fireworks.
July 4 fireworks can result in short-term spikes of fine particulate pollution. @bberwyn photo.

Research tracks surge in PM2.5 pollution around the Fourth of July

Staff Report

FRISCO — The fallout from Independence Day fireworks can cause air pollution to spike by as much as 370 percent for a few hours, scientists said this week after studying several years worth of data from more than 300 air quality monitors around the country.

Specifically, the researchers looked at the surge in fine particulate matter — particles that are two and one half microns in diameter (PM2.5) on July 4. The data came from 315 measuring sites spanning 15 years, for the first time quantifying the increase in pollution. Continue reading “Environment: Independence Day fireworks cause short-term spike in harmful air pollution”


Morning photo: Frisco fireworks

Always a good show!

Fire in the sky.

FRISCO — After a year off due to drought, the Frisco fireworks display was back, better than ever. It’s always fun to try and catch new shots that really capture the essence of those exploding shells. Here’s my take … Continue reading “Morning photo: Frisco fireworks”

Colorado: Breckenridge bans 4th of July sparklers

It’s lights-out for handheld sparklers and other small ground-based fireworks in Breckenridge.

Fire concerns cited as reason for zero-tolerance policy on illegal pyrotechnics

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Fireworks enthusiasts are feeling the squeeze in Breckenridge, where the town recently banned all previously permissible ground-based fireworks, including sparklers, ground spinners and small fountain and Roman candle-type fireworks.

The ban is based on wildfire concerns, as town officials said that even the smallest spark could lead to a wildfire in the dry forest surrounding the community. Fireworks are suspected as the possible cause of a small wildfire last weekend in the lower French Gulch area. Continue reading “Colorado: Breckenridge bans 4th of July sparklers”

Fire danger prompts Frisco to cancel July 4th fireworks

Safety and wildfire concerns drive difficult decision

Frisco’s Fourth of July includes a fabulous Main Street parade.
No Fireworks in Frisco this Fourth of July.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — After serious discussion and soul-searching — not to mention some sobering input from Sheriff John Minor and local fire officials — the Frisco Town Council voted Tuesday night to cancel the traditional July 4th fireworks due to wildfire and public safety concerns.

The town may reschedule a fireworks display or create a new event sometime later in the summer, according to a press release from the town.

In a year when fuel moisture is at record low levels, it would only take one stray ember or spark to start a fire in forests or grasslands around the Reservoir.

In a letter to the town council, Sheriff Minor spelled out his concerns and said that the town would have taken on sole responsibility and liability for any damages resulting from a fire caused by fireworks or related activities. More details in this Summit Voice story. Continue reading “Fire danger prompts Frisco to cancel July 4th fireworks”

Drought watch: Breckenridge to ban fires and small fireworks

Continued drought prompts Breckenridge to take additional steps to try and avoid a fire start.

Ordinance would enable mayor to ban in-town burning and fires by proclamation

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —On top of Stage 2 fire restrictions on National Forest lands and a statewide fire ban enacted by Gov. Hickenlooper, the Breckenridge Town Council may vote to give Mayor John Warner the power to ban fires on public and private lands within town limits.

According to police chief Shannon Haynes, the imminent threat of a destructive wildfire justifies the move. In a June 20 memo to the town council, Haynes wrote that extremely dry weather conditions are expected to persist and even worsen in the foreseeable future.

The council will discuss the emergency ordinance at the June 26 meeting. Passing the ordinance would give the mayor to immediately issue a proclamation. The order would be lifted when it’s determined that the severe fire threat has diminished. Continue reading “Drought watch: Breckenridge to ban fires and small fireworks”

Statewide fire ban enacted in Colorado

Open fires, private fireworks now prohibited

Firefighters at the High Park Fire in Larimer County work to protect structures. PHOTO COURTESY INCIWEB.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —Although the two biggest wildfires currently burning in Colorado were both started by lightning, state officials want to reduce the chance of human-caused blazes by implementing a statewide ban on open fires and the private use of fireworks.

A bone-dry late winter and spring, along with well-above average temperatures several months in a row, have created dangerous fire conditions throughout much of the state. Any small fires could quickly grow out of control.

By most measures, at least three-quarters of all wildfires are started by human activities, including carelessness, escaped agricultural fires, forestry operations, sparks from off-road vehicles and even discarded cigarettes. Those statistics hold true in most other countries, as well.

In Summit County, the two most recent significant wildfires were caused by downed powerlines, including the Montezuma Fire in March, and the June 2011 fire at the mouth of Keystone Gulch. Continue reading “Statewide fire ban enacted in Colorado”

Fourth of July ends with Frisco fireworks


Frisco Fireworks.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A fine Independence Day ended in the Colorado high country with fireworks displays like this one, which has become a Frisco tradition. Thousands of people line vantage points along I-70, the shores of Dillon Reservoir and every other spot that might offer a view. These shots were taken from the southeast-facing Summit Voice weather deck.

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