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Texas wildfires spread across a quarter-million acres

Major fires are blazing across parts of Texas, where a sustained drought has dried out fuels.

At least 40 homes lost,extreme fire behavior challenging firefighters

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY  — Firefighters in Texas have their hands full, with six active fires burning across about a quarter of a million acres, mostly in tall-grass country. In most of the active fires, conditions are ripe for extreme fire behavior, with a high likelihood the blazes will spread even more.

The Cannon Group, is burning south of Interstate 10 in brush country south of Pecos. The fires were started by lightning. Currently about 85 firefighters are on scene, and they have the blaze about 40 percent contained. Updates on all the Texas fires and other wildfires at this link. Continue reading “Texas wildfires spread across a quarter-million acres”