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Breckenridge enacts Stage 2 fire ban

Restrictions emphasize zero-tolerance enforcement

Fire danger in Colorado has prompted widespread fire restrictions.
Extreme fire danger prevails across Colorado.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Town of Breckenridge this week adopted Stage 2 fire restrictions in coordination with Stage 2 Fire Restrictions instituted by Summit County and the U.S. Forest Service.

The current fire danger in the area has been ranging between very high and extreme and the weather forecast predicts continued dryness with the potential for high winds.

“In this time of extreme fire danger it is incumbent on all of us to be diligent in our use of fire-producing products.” said Police Chief Shannon Haynes.“The department will take a zero tolerance approach to violations of the Mayor’s declaration and the Town of Breckenridge Municipal Court will assess fines up to $999 with possible jail time of 364 days for convicted offenders.” Continue reading “Breckenridge enacts Stage 2 fire ban”


Colorado: Fire restrictions enacted in High Country

The Little Sand Fire burns through pine forest near Pagosa Springs. PHOTO COURTESY USFS.

White River National Forest, Summit and Garfield counties join other jurisdictions in banning open fires; controlled campfires in developed recreation areas still OK

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Pointing to the acute danger of large and potentially deadly wildfires in the high country and on the West Slope of Colorado, The White River National Forest, as Summit and Garfield counties this week adopted fire restrictions.

By most measures, the current fire danger is rated as high to very high, with dry and windy conditions forecast to persist on and off for the foreseeable future. Continue reading “Colorado: Fire restrictions enacted in High Country”

Colorado: Fire restrictions on West Slope BLM lands

Hoping to avoid scenes like this one at the Gladiator Fire in Arizona, the BLM has enacted fire restrictions for western Colorado.

Dry springs leads to increased danger of wildfires

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — With a heightened concern about fire dangers in western Colorado this summer, the Bureau of Land Management is placing fire restrictions into effect starting today (May 24). The unusually dry spring has increased fire danger to high levels at elevations below 8,000 feet.

The restrictions cover BLM lands in Eagle, Garfield, Mesa and Pitkin counties. Some portions of southern Routt County and northern portions of Delta and Montrose counties are also included within these BLM field office boundaries and covered by these restrictions. Continue reading “Colorado: Fire restrictions on West Slope BLM lands”