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Morning photo: Evening light

In the shadows …

A black and white rendering of some frozen falls along North Tenmile Creek.

FRISCO — I am, for sure, a morning person and probably 75 percent of my photos are taken before noon. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good sunset — I do, and many of the Summit Voice photo sets include those end-of-the-day vibes, but I’m definitely at my best and most inspired right around sunrise. But around this time of year, evening comes early — so early that I feel like it’s intruding into my day. Not complaining, just saying …

So Thursday evening, I headed up along North Tenmile Creek to revisit a few spots that I thought might be good in the evening light. Turns out I was just a bit late, and blue shadows dominated the canyon. I will have to rethink my strategy but in the meantime, here are a few evening scenes from around the Frisco area. Please visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading “Morning photo: Evening light”


Morning photo: Black & white IV

A sunset without color is …

I was trying to see this scene in black and white as I was taking the picture.

FRISCO — It’s time for another short set of images rendered in black and white, with a little twist. For the sake of comparison, I’ve included the original color versions, unedited. Thanks to magic of digital photography, it’s easy. Does anyone else remember trying to print decent high-contrast images from color negatives? That was not easy! These are all DSLR shots — next I’ll try to edit a few iPhone shots in monochrome. Continue reading “Morning photo: Black & white IV”

Morning photo: Second look

eye candy …

In the right place at the right time, as a gust of wind sends frost crystals skittering through the sky on the Dillon side of the dam.

FRISCO — A lot of the morning photo posts are quick hits, when I choose the first image that catches my eye from a particular set. Then, a few weeks later, when I go back to delete photos, I find another few that may be technically better (exposure, composition). I save them to use as illustrations for stories, but I don’t always go back to re-post them in a morning photo series. So here are a few second-look images from the archives, going back to November.

Check out out our online Imagekind gallery for more Summit County shots through the seasons. You can also visit our FineArtAmerica online gallery for metal and canvas print versions, as well as greeting cards. Continue reading “Morning photo: Second look”

Morning photo: Best of autumn 2012

Best light

A September sunrise over Dillon Reservoir delivered exquisite light.
A September sunrise over Dillon Reservoir delivered exquisite light.

FRISCO — The incredibly rich light of autumn made for some wonderful images. Many of the photos in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me at bberwyn@comcast.net. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism. Continue reading “Morning photo: Best of autumn 2012”