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Morning photo: ‘Extreme’

Marginal lighting …

Frozen waterfall in Tenmile Canyon at the light of high noon.

FRISCO — With the X Games on this week, I set out on an “extreme” photography challenge of my own, trying to test the limits of the iPhone camera in different lighting conditions. I already know it performs fairly well in low light situations — but not too low, because it gets really grainy, really fast. So photographing the sunrise is a matter catching that moment when the sky still has color, but the clouds are reflecting enough light back down to the foreground. The snow helps — a lot. I also wanted to try and capture the frozen waterfalls in Tenmile Canyon in daylight, and there’s no real in-between for this spot. It’s either in the shade or in the full sun. And I continue to be amazed at what the little camera can do shooting directly toward the sun, provided you’re a little creative with your positioning. Continue reading “Morning photo: ‘Extreme’”