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EPA proposes carbon pollution limits for power plants

Less of this in the future? PHOTO VIA FLICKR/CREATIVE COMMONS.

Proposed rule would be a first step to limit health and environmental threats posed by greenhouse gases

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —The EPA this week took a historic and long-overdue first step to reduce carbon pollution from new power plants by proposing a new standard that would only apply to plants going online in the future.

According to the EPA, the proposed standard reflects the ongoing trend in the power sector to build cleaner plants that take advantage of American-made technologies, including new, clean-burning, efficient natural gas generation, which is already the technology of choice for new and planned power plants.

The fossil fuel industry, however, is unlikely to agree, and will probably challenge the rule and try and turn public opinion against by saying it will raise energy prices. Of course, the fossil fuel industry things that anything other than business-as-usual will raise energy prices. Continue reading “EPA proposes carbon pollution limits for power plants”