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Sunday set: Countryside

Out and about …

Nothing says Easter like a visit to the country to check out trees bursting into bloom and other signs of nature’s spring resurgence. It’s a good reminder that when you strip away the bizarre Christian mythology surrounding this holiday, what you have left is a good old-fashioned pagan celebration of life. And nothing could be more glorious than that because it’s the life-force of nature that’s at the basis of our reality, not some musty legends handed down over generations by a secretive theocractic organization.


Morning Photo: Happy Easter

Spring? not quite yet …

Ptarmigan pasque flowers.

FRISCO — Yesterday we featured some spring snow photos in the daily photo essay, but Easter — whether you celebrate it as a religious holiday or not — definitely carries a connotation of spring, and for me, a resurrection of the warmer time of the year, when the Earth itself comes to life. And by this time last year, early wildflowers were already abloom on south-facing slopes, but not this year. That’s part of the beauty of living in the mountains — the seasons are unpredictable, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, right? Continue reading “Morning Photo: Happy Easter”

Timing of Easter linked with lunar cycles

Full moon rising …

Paschal Moon rising over Dillon Reservoir and Keystone Mountain (left) and Swan Mountain. PHOTO BY BOB BERWYN.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — When my son asked me a few days ago why the date of Easter changes every year, I could only answer him partially, thanks to one of those random bits of information that my dad passed along to me at some point.

I knew only that Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring, but I wasn’t sure exactly why or how that date was set, and Dylan’s question was pretty darn logical, as he wondered why we celebrate a very specific event (the resurrection) on a different day each year.

Even before doing a little research on the web, I told him that Easter has roots predating the Christian mythology of the resurrection, as a celebration of spring and fertility following the vernal equinox. As the Earth started to turn green again, ancient people knew there was relief from the long hunger days of winter. Continue reading “Timing of Easter linked with lunar cycles”

Morning photo: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Fresh flowers at the Dillon farmers market.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Flowers, eggs … Easter may be the most colorful holiday, and even if you’re not religious, you can share in the joy of an occasion the celebrates life, rebirth and the richness of the spring season. Here are a few images to evoke some springtime vibes …

Just some post-processing fun with flowers.

Continue reading “Morning photo: Happy Easter!”

Gin Blossoms, Quiet Riot at Copper’s 2011 Sunsation

Retro Red Bull 1976 games returns for season-ending bash

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Gin Blossoms, Quiet Riot and the Samples are among the headliners at Copper Mountain’s Sunsation festival this year, back for two weekends in late April (April 16-17, April 23-24). More acts will be announced soon, according to a press release from the resort.

Along with the traditional free music, the retro Red Bull 1976 games will return, as well as the the CBS Sports Network’s 2011 Alt Games College Slopestyle and Rail Jam Championships, and, under the motto safety first, an attempt to set a world record for the most people applying sunscreen at the same time. Continue reading “Gin Blossoms, Quiet Riot at Copper’s 2011 Sunsation”