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Forest Service eyes camping ban along Montezuma Road

The U.S. Forest Service wants to ban camping along the Snake River between Keystone and Montezuma.
The U.S. Forest Service wants to ban camping along the Snake River between Keystone and Montezuma.

Long-term camping, littering and wildfire danger cited as reasons for proposal

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A popular free camping zone between Keystone and Montezuma could be shut down by the U.S. Forest Service. According to the agency, the informal campsites have become a nuisance, with long-term campers damaging natural resources and littering the area with human waste and trash.

As a result, the Forest Service wants to ban overnight camping  year-round in the areas within 0.25 miles of Montezuma Road. The closure cover an area about four miles long and a half mile wide. The area would remain open to day-use activities. Continue reading “Forest Service eyes camping ban along Montezuma Road”


Summit County: Frey Gulch restoration begins

Construction of new dirt bike trails also under way

The Forest Service and volunteer partners are simultaneously building new dirt bike trails and closing forest roads in the Tenderfoot Mountain area.

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FRISCO — The U.S. Forest Service is implementing restoration plans associated with approval of the new off-road motorcycle trail system on Tenderfoot Mountain.

The trail system, long a local point of contention, was approved last year based on a compromise agreement among stakeholders. The Forest Service has already started building part of the trail, with new single-track visible just a few feet above, and running parallel to Straight Creek Road.

This summer, Tenderfoot Mountain Road (#66.2B) in Frey Gulch will be closed and rehabilitated in order to improve water quality and improved habitat for fish and wildlife. The restoration of Frey Gulch was included as a condition the trail system permit. Continue reading “Summit County: Frey Gulch restoration begins”

Summit County: Forest Service releases revised plan for 21-mile motorized trail system on Tenderfoot Mountain

Community task force finds common ground on contentious proposal

The Forest Service says there’s room for 13 miles of new motorized trails on Tenderfoot Mountain, despite the fact that the agency can’t adequately maintain existing trails.
A family outing near the Dillon Cemetery.

By Bob Berwyn

*Previous Summit Voice stories on the Tenderfoot motorized trail proposal are online here.

FRISCO — Critics are likely to say it’s like putting lipstick on a pig, but the U.S. Forest Service claims its latest version of a plan for a motorized trail on Tenderfoot Mountain, near Dillon, will result in a managed, finite system of sustainable trails to replacing the existing spaghetti network of illegal trails in the area.

The agency this week released a revised environmental study for the controversial trail system, which has been hotly debated for the past several years. According to the Forest Service, the new proposed action represents numerous compromises that were made to mitigate environmental and social concerns. Continue reading “Summit County: Forest Service releases revised plan for 21-mile motorized trail system on Tenderfoot Mountain”

Outdoors: Forest Service adds ‘new’ trails in Summit County

Some of the "new" trails on national forest lands in Summit County lead to hidden coves along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.
Some of the “new” trails on national forest lands in Summit County lead to hidden coves along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

Travel management plan update results in some user-created trails becoming an official part of the trail network

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — If you’ve never heard of the Hippo Trail or the Bodhi Trail, don’t feel too bad. Both are newly named trail segments in Summit County that have just recently been formally added to the national forest trail system managed by the U.S. Forest Service’s Dillon Ranger District.

Many of the user-created have been popular with locals for years, but now they’re officially on the map, said Ken Waugh, recreation staff officer for the district.

“Many of these have never been maintained and have not been on District maps,” Waugh said, adding that the Forest Service is making an outreach effort to let hikers and cyclists know about the new trails.

As part of that effort, the Dillon District is preparing Recreation Opportunity Guides for these new trails. The one-page sheets  have a map on one side and information about the trails on the other. When they’re done, they’ll be posted online at this White River National Forest website. Some of the guides are already posted at www.dillonrangerdistrict.com. The guides include directions to the trailhead, mileage, range in elevation, difficulty, and trail highlights. They’re also avaiable at the USFS visitor center in Silverthorne. Continue reading “Outdoors: Forest Service adds ‘new’ trails in Summit County”

Golden horseshoe trail and restoration planning starts

Input wanted on overall plan for Summit County recreation area; Swan River restoration a big part of the effort

The Forest Service wants to add some new trails and decommission others in the popular Golden Horseshoe area near Breckenridge.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Forest Service is seeking public comment on an ambitious plan to remodel the Golden Horseshoe with sustainable trails and a particular focus on ecosystem restoration of the Swan River watershed, between Breckenridge and Frisco.

The environmental study now under way will evaluate and disclose potential effects  proposed reconstruction and designation of several trails, in addition to closure and rehabilitation of several roads in the area.

Generally, the projects consist of the following:

  • 3.7 miles of non-motorized trail construction
  • 5.0 miles of motorized trail construction
  • 5.1 miles of road decommissioning

Maps, documents and commenting information is online at this WRNF web page. Continue reading “Golden horseshoe trail and restoration planning starts”

Summit County: Time to name some trails

Trail Number 43, along the east side of the Blue River inlet, needs a new name.

White River NF Travel plan implementation set for this spring

SUMMIT COUNTY — As the White River National Forest starts implementing the new travel management plan, numerous user-created social trails will formally be added to the forest trail system — and some of them need names.

Some trails already have informal names, given by neighborhood users over the years, and those will generally be adopted by the Forest Service, but about 100 trails are as-yet un-named, and the Dillon Ranger District is accepting suggestions through April 1.

In a press release, the district offered a few suggestions for names, saying that natural features, as well as geographic or historic landmarks, are suitable fodder for names, while naming a trail after oneself or for a friend is probably not appropriate. Crooked Creek, Twisted Pine or Bloated Goat could all work (hypothetical examples), while Joe’s Trail, or the Wilson’s Shoe Store Trail are not acceptable. Obscene or controversial names would not be considered.

The public is invited to submit name recommendations to the Dillon Ranger District on or before April 1, 2012. Get more information on travel plan implementation at this WRNF web page. Continue reading “Summit County: Time to name some trails”

Summit County: Motorized trails proposed for Tenderfoot

Forest Service to hold Oct. 19 open house on plan

A preliminary map show proposed locations for trails in the Tenderfoot Mountain and Frey Gulch area. Click for a downloadable PDF version.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — The White River National Forest wants to build 15 miles of new multi-use trails in the Tenderfoot and Frey Gulch area to accommodate motorized use. The project is being developed in response to a proposal by the Summit County Off-Road Riders. The proposal includes the rehabilitation of 15 miles of existing trails in the same area. Some illegal user-created trails in the same area would be closed and rehabilitated.

According to the Forest Service, the goal is to change an unmanaged, expanding system of mostly steep, eroded, user-created trails to a managed, finite system of sustainable, well-designed trails, and to provide a single-track trail system that is managed specifically for motorcycle use.

The Forest Service says there is a need to provide more motorized recreational opportunities on the White River National Forest, especially after adoption of the forest travel plan, which includes new restrictions on motorized use. Continue reading “Summit County: Motorized trails proposed for Tenderfoot”