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Colorado: BLM defers more drilling leases

Roads and drill pads dot vast stretches of western Colorado.

Parcels near Dinosaur National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park won’t be auctioned next week

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Bureau of Land Management this week said it will defer another eight contested oil- and gas-drilling parcels from a Feb. 14 lease sale that will be the biggest so far in Colorado under the Obama administration, at 68,692 acres.

The deferrals announced Feb. 8 include 10,839 acres near Mesa Verde National Park, and about 2,600 acres near Dinosaur National Monument. With leasing and drilling widespread around western Colorado, conservation groups say they want to makse sure that land with high recreation and conservation values are protected from drilling impacts. Continue reading “Colorado: BLM defers more drilling leases”