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Travel: 9 free days at U.S. National Parks in 2014!

Your lands: 84 million acres, 17,000 miles of trails

Badlands National Park, South Dakota. bberwyn photo.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — This year, you’ll have nine chances for a fee-free visit to one of America’s 401 national parks, starting as soon as Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan. 20, 2014). The park service recently announced the 2014 schedule of free days, offering the fee-free visits as a way to encourage visitation.

The 2014 entrance fee-free days are:


Environment: Scuba diving temporarily banned at Crater Lake

The National Park Service hopes to protect Crater Lake from invasive species by establishing new rules for scuba diving and other uses. Photo courtesy National Park Service.

National Park Service to set new rules to protect pristine waters against invasive species

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — With growing concern about the environmental impacts of invasive species to freshwater ecoysystems, the National Park Service has decided to close the pristine waters of Crater Lake National Park to scuba diving.

Some scientists consider Crater Lake to be the most pristine naturally occurring large body of water on the planet. Minor changes in the hydrologic conditions of the lake could permanently affect both purity and clarity. Invasive species are almost impossible to eliminate once they’ve been introduced, at least without massive chemical intervention that would likely have other unwanted consequences.

Read more about invasive species threats to freshwater ecosystems at this Nature Conservancy web page. Continue reading “Environment: Scuba diving temporarily banned at Crater Lake”