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Morning photo: Half light

From the vault …

FRISCO — Super-bright sunlight is great if you’re trying to catch a tan, but for mountain photography, I prefer the softer illumination of half-light. Sometimes just a thin layer of clouds can take the edge off the brightness and help shift the light just enough create magic. like in the image of the rays over the Continental Divide. In the crepuscular predawn light, you can open the camera shutter for several seconds, which adds a whole new layer of richness to the exposure. And every few years, during a solar eclipse, the light can be otherworldly! Click on the images in this set and choose the full-size option, and visit our online Fine Art America gallery for more Colorado landscape photography.


Morning photo: Cloudscapes

Colorado skies

FRISCO —Usually November is the best time to spot the great wave clouds that build up over the Continental Divide. But there’s a secondary season in March, when once again, upper-level winds shift. As those great rivers of air meet the wall of the Continental Divide, the sky often blossoms. This set includes a few shots going back into winter, but most of the images are from the past few weeks, showing the transition of the seasons. For daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Aglow!

Crepuscular light …

FRISCO —Last night’s sunset over Summit County was extraordinary, with an afterglow that illuminated the wave cloud over the crest of the Rockies long after the sun dropped below the horizon, and captured in the panoramic image in this set. We’ve also included a few other shots taken during that crepuscular time of day, when you’re not really sure exactly where the light is coming from, but with a little bit of imagination, you can imagine the rays from the sun bending through various layers of the Earth’s atmosphere to refract different parts of the spectrum.

Morning photo: The Divide

Spine of the continent

Alpenglow kisses the highest peaks of the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.
Alpenglow kisses the highest peaks of the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Last night’s shot (above) of the alpenglow on Grays and Torreys inspired me to sift through the archives and look for more shots of the Continental Divide. My first thought was to choose shots from different times of the year showing how different the light can be, but as I scrolled back I found a half-dozen images from just the last three months, all with incredibly different lighting, sometimes on the same day or even within the span of a half hour (shots four and five). Along with that, it also makes me realize how cool it is to live so close to the place where the rivers divide. Hiking or skiing up around Loveland Pass, for example, you can see North Fork running down toward the Blue, then to the Colorado and ultimately into the Gulf of California. Just on the other side of the ridge, Clear Creek will eventually mingle with the Atlantic Ocean.

If you like the images in this post, please visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more Summit County images, available as prints and greeting cards. Continue reading “Morning photo: The Divide”

Morning photo: Kodachrome!

Mountain skies …

A fiery sunrise heralds a change in the weather in late January 2013.

FRISCO — It’s funny how I still think of good old Kodachrome when I’m shooting a colorful sunset. Like a lot of old time photographers, I still have boxes of slides, and someday, I’ll scan the best of them and ditch the rest — but not yet. Wednesday’s brilliant sunrise inspired me to post a few more recent sunrise and sunset scenes featuring Grays and Torreys peaks, those towering 14ers along the Divide that serve as a foil to those colorful skies.

This sunset sky over Summit County looks painted.
So cold, so warm …
The colors are always a bit different after a fresh snowfall.
In the meadow.
At the shore.




Weather: Classic upslope

Hope for the best …

A deep trough, developing to a closed low, is swinging south and east of the high country.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Lots of hype with this incoming storm, which will probably turn out to be a classic spring-like upslope, with heavy snow along parts of the Front Range and foothills, and hopefully some spillover for the local mountains, especially those near the Continental Divide. Continue reading “Weather: Classic upslope”

Morning photo: Mountain drama

Moody autumn skies

Just a little pond within whistlin' distance of I-70.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Autumn seems to be the season for dramatic skies in the high country, and even though it’s technically still summer for a few days. it’s sure been feeling autumnal the past few days. Snow on the high peaks, the first tinges of color in the aspens … all the ingredients are in place for a spectacular transition season, and when the light is just right, it’s pure mountain magic. Continue reading “Morning photo: Mountain drama”