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Morning photo: Brilliance

Color hunting

Structure in nature is evident in the growth of ice crystals on autumn leaves near the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — The day started with a pretty sweet sunset, with a thin wave cloud over the Continental Divide adding texture and color to the sky. A short dog walk near Heaton Bay yielded a fun shot of some morning frost, which seems to form fully just in the last few minutes before the sun hits the ground. And I also managed to get just a wee bit closer to the Clark’s grebes that have been feeding in the bay for the past week or so. The wave cloud lingered through sunset, book-ending the day with a brilliant sunset. Continue reading “Morning photo: Brilliance”


Morning photo: Changes …

Rain, snow, sun, wind …

SUMMIT COUNTY — Definitely a fast shift of seasons under way, with a blustery storm rolling through the high country.leaving a nice little blast of snow on the higher peaks. We’ll have to call this one more than a dusting, since it left some of highest slopes solid white. Let’s call it a coating and hope that it’s just a hint of what’s to come in the months ahead.

This Instagrammed photo was a big hit on the Summit Voice Facebook page Tuesday. In case you don’t recognize the view, it’s shot along the Tenderfoot trail, looking south toward Guyot early Tuesday morning.

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Morning photo: Cloudscapes II

Spectacular Summit sunset

Sunset tinges the clouds over Dillon Reservoir with pink and purple.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Tuesday was a dynamic weather day in Frisco, starting with a cool morning and enough moisture in the air to build up condensed water on the metal roof of our townhome. Bluebird morning skies quickly filled in with puffy cumulus that starting to build vertically over the mountains by early afternoon. After a half-hour rain storm, the clouds quickly broke down again, but gusty winds prevailed much of the afternoon, showing the vertical activity in the atmosphere. While the Summit Strikers soccer squad held their first practices, a few dark clouds threatened to the north over the Blue River Valley and the Gore Range. By evening, clearing skies to the west, and a low cloud deck promised colorful skies, and then delivered. Continue reading “Morning photo: Cloudscapes II”

Morning photo: Celebrating snow

Gotta go with it!

One of the first dustings of winter came in October, portending a snowy winter.

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s been a dream ski season in Summit County, and while some of us are ready to break out the flip-flops and bikes, I decided to celebrate winter one last time with some of the best archived snow shots at Summit Voice.

A classic mid-winter view of the Continental Divide, with sunset colors that only come in the heart of the season.

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Morning photo: Subtle sunset

Over the Divide

The last bit of alpenglow on the summits of Grizzly, Torreys and Grays peaks, along the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Something a bit different in today’s photoblog. Instead of different images from different spots or different days, a series of photos of Monday’s sunset, all taken from the same spot with a variety of camera settings and focal lengths. Continue reading “Morning photo: Subtle sunset”

Morning photo: Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Every day brings a new surprise …

Sunrise over the Continental Divide, Summit County, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The last few pictures in a mountain series recognizing the designation of Dec. 11 as International Mountain Day, which this year focused on indigenous mountain people. Click here to learn more. Continue reading “Morning photo: Rocky Mountains, Colorado”