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Colorado: Big conservation groups announce merger

New organization will maintain West Slope presence.

Colorado Conservation Voters and the Colorado Environmental Coalition join forces to meet new challenges

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY —In the second major merger of Colorado-based conservation groups, Colorado Conservation Voters and the Colorado Environmental Coalition this week announced that they will join together to form a new group called Conservation Colorado.

Last year, the Center for Native Ecosystems merged with Colorado Wild to form Rocky Mountain Wild. That merger resulted in several layoffs, including longtime national forest policy experts like Rocky Smith, leaving a big void in the conservation scene.

The latest merger has also resulted in some downsizing, partly through attrition and also through some layoffs on the administrative side of the operation, according to spokesman Chris Arend.

“Part of the benefit of the merger is that you create efficiencies,” Arend said, adding that there will be some “refocusing,” but that the new group has pledged to maintain a Western Slope presence to continue advocacy for the protection of wild lands. Continue reading “Colorado: Big conservation groups announce merger”