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Global warming: Inching ahead at Bonn climate talks

‘Science is telling us on a repeated basis … that current mitigation efforts are not sufficient’

NASA’s monthly mapping tool shows temperature anomalies in April 2012.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Two weeks of climate talks in Bonn following up on the last year’s Durban summit didn’t yield much progress in some critical areas, although the delegates did take some steps toward finding a way to extend the Kyoto Protocol and on finding ways to help the most poor and vulnerable countries deal with global warming impacts.

The next round of climate talks is set for Doha, Qatar in November, when delegates are to decide on how long the extension of the Kyoto agreement should be, as an interim step before adopting a legally binding climate treaty in 2015.

The Doha meeting is also aimed at defining the precise emission reduction commitments of industrialized countries that have obligations under the Kyoto agreement.

United Nations climate officials tried to paint the Bonn talks in the best possible light, emphasizing the baby steps toward progress, while downplaying the fact that key players, particularly India and China, are balking. Continue reading “Global warming: Inching ahead at Bonn climate talks”


Global warming: COP17 Climate talks down to the wire

Draft deal targets legally binding agreement on emissions

A NASA photo taken from the International Space Station shows sunlight glinting off the Amazon River floodplain.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Politics, economics and science clashed once again at the COP17 climate talks in Durban, but after a week of maneuvering and posturing, world leaders in the end did manage to draw up a document that once again acknowledges the threat of global warming and calls for renewed efforts to cut greenhouse gases.

The draft agreement released Friday calls for the “widest possible cooperation by all countries … with a view to accelerate the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.”

The agreement also expresses “grave concern” about the significant gap between promises and realities and aims to create a legally binding protocol that would commit countries to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading “Global warming: COP17 Climate talks down to the wire”