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Weatherblog: Storm door still open!

The pineapple connection is transporting moisture from deep in the Pacific right to the Continental Divide. Click on the image to see it in motion.

Several more feet of snow could fall before it’s all said and done, but so far, Summit County snowfall is far from “epic,” as weather watchers report average snow totals for the season to-date

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The pipeline of moisture from deep in the Pacific continues to flow across Colorado, where winter storm warnings for most of the high country have been extended through Tuesday evening. Think of the storm as a giant hose that’s slowly undulating from north to south to help you understand how the snow totals are varying across the state from day to day.

And while it’s been snowy in Summit County, season snowfall to date is just about average to-date, with the official reading in Breckenridge at 77 inches for the season (starting Oct. 1). That’s running just a couple of inches ahead of 2007, and still well behind 1996, when weather watcher Rick Bly had tallied 101.4 inches by this date, and the big winter of 1983, when the season-to-date snowfall was almost double of what we’ve seen so far this winter. Continue reading “Weatherblog: Storm door still open!”