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Morning photo: Fishing!

Licenses for the 2012-2012 season on sale; state fishery experts warn against ‘bucket biology’

Fishing in glassy water at a "hidden" cove along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Early spring weather might not be the best thing for skiers looking to extend the season, but it could be good news for Colorado anglers looking to get early access to high country lakes and streams.

And with the 2o12-2012 license year just a few weeks away, it could be a good time to make sure you’re ready by buying or renewing your license. The latest fishing brochure, with regulations and other info, is also available where licenses are sold and online at http://www.flipseekpubs.com/publication/?i=99616.

Memorial Day fishing at the Dillon Marina.

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Colorado: New fishing regs take effect

Two young anglers try their luck in Tenmile Creek.

Know before you go – check the regs online here

By Summit Voice

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is reminding anglers in north-central Colorado that new fishing regulations took effect Jan. 1. The new regulations were developed through an extensive public process last summer and fall as part of the Division’s five-year review of fishing regulations in the state. The regulations were approved by the Colorado Wildlife Commission in November.

New statewide regulations include a prohibition on transporting bait fish between bodies of water and on transporting crayfish on the Western Slope. The regulations also allow underwater spearfishing, archery and the use of gigs for the take of carp and northern pike in locations where these fish were illegally introduced and where these methods are allowed by the land and water-managing authorities. Continue reading “Colorado: New fishing regs take effect”