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Colorado: Fire bans lifted at higher elevations

It’s been a busy year for firefighters already, but recent rains have helped ease the threat of wildfires in western Colorado.

Varying restrictions remain in effect on the Western Slope, so know before you go

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Abundant rains across parts of the Colorado high country have prompted some jurisdictions to ease fire restrictions, enabling visitors to enjoy controlled campfires in developed recreation sites and other safe settings.

Officials said the fire danger hasn’t completely disappeared and are still urging caution. For now the fire danger is rated as moderate across the White River National Forest, which means fires can still spread from an ignition source like a campfire, but is likely to spread slowly. As a result, the forest is lifting the fire ban effective July 20.

At lower elevations farther west, the fire danger is still rated from high to very high, and varying restrictions remain in effect. Visit this interactive Colorado Office of Emergency Management website to get up-to-date information on fire restrictions in your area. Continue reading “Colorado: Fire bans lifted at higher elevations”