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Hunters: Don’t shoot a moose by mistake

These are moose -- not elk! PHOTO BY BOB BERWYN.

Spotting scopes, binoculars can help hunters recognize the distinctive differences between the two species.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — As Colorado‘s big game hunting season begins, the Colorado Division of Wildlife is asking hunters to learn the difference between moose and elk in order to avoid accidentally shooting moose.

Almost every year moose are accidentally killed, according to the state wildlife agency. The most common error is mistaking a cow moose for a cow elk.

Moose are the largest members of the deer family and have adapted to a variety of habitats. They favor willows along streams and ponds. But be aware, some moose also inhabit lodgepole pine, oak brush, aspen, spruce, fir and even sagebrush – in other words, the same areas where elk live. Moose can be found in almost all the high-country areas of Colorado.

Elk hunters need to be sure to know the difference between these two ungulates. If a hunter without the proper license shoots a moose, the fine can be more than $1,000. Continue reading “Hunters: Don’t shoot a moose by mistake”