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Colorado: More wrangling over oil shale leasing plan

The BlM is evaluating comments on a draft oil shale leasing plan.

Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, Club 20 endorse Bush-era vision for leasing; farmers, river users not happy

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Community and environmental advocates in Colorado say a mid-October press event touting support for a Bush-era oil shale leasing plan was engineered as a publicity stunt by an energy industry front group.

That may not be unusual in itself, but the group managed to entangle Club 20 and the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce in their web of deceit, and that has angered some western Colorado business owners.

“We’re disappointed in the Chamber. Local businesses deserve better,” said Adventure Bound River Expeditions owner Tom Kleinschnitz. “Colorado just went through our worst drought in ten years. Now is not the time to jeopardize the Colorado River – and the jobs that depend on that river – with costly oil shale speculation,” Kleinschnitz said. Continue reading “Colorado: More wrangling over oil shale leasing plan”