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This year’s La Niña a ‘head-scratching enigma’

Weird winter continues with spring storms in February

An interesting seasonal precipitation picture in Colorado.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — With the latest outlook calling for La Niña to fade away during the next few months, some climatologists are scratching their heads over this winter’s somewhat unusual weather pattern in Colorado, which saw a reversal of historic snowfall trends.

“It’s an enigma,” said Klaus Wolter, with the CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center. In an email updating the SWCasts website, Wolter wrote: Record-snow around here in early February is not  something I would typically associate with La Niña, but will come in handy if the mountains west of us remain starved for moisture (despite some minor storms during the upcoming week).” Continue reading “This year’s La Niña a ‘head-scratching enigma’”