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Climate: Study shows systematic increase in heat waves

‘Most monthly heat records are due to climate change. The science is clear that only a small fraction would have occurred naturally’


By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Monthly temperature extremes have become five to 10 times more frequent as a result of global warming, according to a new statistical study from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Complutense University of Madrid.

On average, there are now five times as many record-breaking hot months worldwide than could be expected without long-term global warming,and in parts of Europe, Africa and southern Asia the number of monthly records has increased even by a factor of 10.

“The last decade brought unprecedented heat waves; for instance in the US in 2012, in Russia in 2010, in Australia in 2009, and in Europe in 2003,” said lead-author Dim Coumou, describing the paper that was published in the journal Climatic Change. “Heat extremes are causing many deaths, major forest fires, and harvest losses – societies and ecosystems are not adapted to ever new record-breaking temperatures.” Continue reading “Climate: Study shows systematic increase in heat waves”