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GOP launches new assault on public lands

Proposed bill would cut environmental reviews for massive clear cut logging and block access to environmental justice

Proposed legislation introduced by Republicans in Congress would open the door to widespread clearcutting without environmental reviews and black conservation advocates from seeking environmental justice in federal courts. @bberwyn photo.

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Once again, Republican lawmakers in Congress are trying to roll back long-standing forest protections on a piecemeal basis, knowing that the public would never stand for a frontal assault on fundamental public lands environmental regulations.

The difference now is that they have an ally in the White House willing sign such measures, which makes resistance in the legislature even more critical. In the latest effort, U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) reintroduced a measure that would allow logging projects on up to 30,000 acres — more than 46 square miles — of public land to proceed without meaningful public input, regardless of the environmental harms they might cause. Continue reading “GOP launches new assault on public lands”


Ophir Mountain logging aims at long-term forest health

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Summit County logging proposal raises universal questions about beetle-kill and forest health

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — U.S. Forest Service rangers got an earful Thursday night in Frisco, as residents commented on the agency’s latest forest health proposal for about 1,700 acres on and around Ophir Mountain, between Frisco and Breckenridge.

The Forest Service wants to treat areas where mountain pine beetles have already killed up to 80 percent of the mature lodgepole pines with the goals of reducing fuel loading and regenerating the forest. Read the scoping notice here.

The agency is taking written comments on the proposal through Nov. 1. During the winter, a team of specialists will review and address those comments in the environmental analysis, which will be released next spring. Get more details on the proposal and information on commenting at the end of this story.

During the lively question and answer session, some area residents raised questions about the extent of proposed clear-cutting and expressed concerns about impact to trails — similar to questions that were raised about the Breckenridge forest health and fuels reduction project, scheduled to be issued in its final form within the next couple of weeks. While the proposal has the potential to become contentious, at least some residents have an open mind. Continue reading “Ophir Mountain logging aims at long-term forest health”