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Colorado: Fort Collins moves closer to fracking ban

SkyTruth created this map with 2008 data, showing the general location of oil and gas drilling activities in Colorado.

Town seeks to protect health and well-being of residents; critics say local bans violate state law

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Creating yet another headache for Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s pro-fracking administration, Fort Collins this week voted to ban oil and gas exploration — including hydraulic fracturing — within city limits.

The 5-2 city council vote came after a several hours of citizen testimony, with a large majority of residents apparently in favor of a drilling ban. To become final, the ordinance must be passed by another vote in a few weeks.

Arguments over the ban remain the same. Supporters of the ban say the industrial processes associated with fossil fuel development don’t belong anywhere near residential areas, and the chemicals and air pollution associated with drilling pose a significant health risk. Continue reading “Colorado: Fort Collins moves closer to fracking ban”


Colorado: No fracking ban in Fort Collins

Fracking continues to create political rifts. Image via Wikipedia and the Creative Commons.

Republicans put the brakes on a proposed ban at controversial city council session

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s not clear exactly why energy development has become a partisan political issue, but Colorado Republicans once demonstrated their extraordinary lack of sensitivity to environmental values, as three GOP members of the Fort Collins City Council reversed their anti-fracking vote of several weeks ago.

With one council member absent, a three-three tie vote meant that a proposed ban on fracking in the city won’t be enacted. Environmental activists charged that the Republicans were taking advantage of the absence of  progressive city council member Gerry Horak to undo what just a short time ago seemed like a done deal. Continue reading “Colorado: No fracking ban in Fort Collins”