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Food: Forget chicken soup — go piccata

Spicy capers and lemon juice brighten up this classic dish, the Mobile Chef’s ticket out of chicken purgatory


By Tom Castrigno

Chicken is one of the most popular food items on the American menu. Often considered humble, it is the stuff of family dinners. During my high school and college years I ate so much chicken I was afraid I would grow feathers.

I often stayed for dinner at my high school girlfriend’s home, and it always seemed to be the night her mom prepared chicken. At home, my mom generally served chicken once or twice per week. On Thursdays I would visit my father. His wife would invariably serve chicken. Of course we all know that college venues feature chicken several nights per week — Cluck cluck.

It took a while but I got over my chicken phobia. The first step in rediscovering chicken was to identify a new dish that had not been served during those earlier years. Something with a distinctive flavor was needed. I had seen chicken piccata in restaurants before and decided to investigate further, and when I did, I found my ticket out of chicken purgatory. Continue reading “Food: Forget chicken soup — go piccata”